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Introducing the Minipod


Introducing the Minipod


There’s been a lot of excitement brewing at Hotpod HQ over the last few weeks, and we’re thrilled to finally be able to share the news with the world and introduce our newest innovation: The Minipod.

With the same patented technology as our full-sized pods, the Minipod offers so much more than a yoga class. Imagine everything you love about our normal Hotpod classes — the heat, immersive soundscapes, soft lighting and fragrant aromatherapy — but in an individually sized cocoon, with zero distractions. It’s a perfect, fully immersive yoga experience.

Inside each Minipod, you’ll find a pair of noise-cancelling earbud headphones, as well as a tablet allowing you to tune into a live streamed class via Zoom, or browse through our selection of beautifully pre-recorded videos on Hotpod Home

The launch comes at a fitting time, providing an even safer and more socially distant way for our customers to enjoy our classes, but we’ve actually been working behind the scenes on the Minipod for years. We even lent one to the England Rugby team last year, which they took to the World Cup in Japan and used as part of their daily training. After some great feedback from the team, the Minipods are now ready to make their in-studio debut.

To start with, Minipods are available in our Hackney and Brixton studios. We’re also still running a full timetable of our signature group classes, but with a reduced capacity to allow for 2m between customers, and a more personalised, boutique style of instruction.

Minipod classes are now available to book via our Hackney and Brixton studios in London.