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Hot Yoga Can Significantly Reduce Symptoms of Severe Depression

Hot Yoga Can Significantly Reduce Symptoms of Severe Depression

We’ve always been a fan of  the mood-boosting effects time spent practicing hot yoga leaves us with and that post-pod feeling.

A new study by researchers at Massachusetts General Hospital in the US, found that regular hot yoga classes are an effective treatment for symptoms of depression. The study showed that 44 per cent of adults who participated in at least two hot yoga classes per week had seen such a dramatic improvement in symptoms that they were no longer classed as clinically depressed.

Nearly 60 per cent of the yoga participants had a 50 per cent or greater reduction in symptoms, compared to only 6 per cent of the waitlist participants.

Our co-founder, Max Henderson, adds

“Our mission at Hotpod Yoga is to inspire everyone, everywhere to feel great through the power of yoga, and we know that it can be truly transformative for people because we’ve witnessed it many times over. The new study supports this notion, and we will continue to provide inclusive environments and classes for anybody and everybody to enable as many people as possible to experience the benefits of hot yoga.

The Massachusetts General Hospital study concluded that approximately one heated yoga session per week was associated with significantly greater reduction in depression symptoms than a waitlist control. Make time for yourself during the week and escape to the pod to be transported a million miles from the everyday. Whether you are a complete beginner to yoga or have been practicing for years, at Hotpod Yoga we welcome everyone to enjoy the immersive experience of the pod.

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