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Hotpod Joins the Three Lions at the 2020 Euros


Hotpod Joins the Three Lions at the 2020 Euros


Following their recent win against Croatia in the 2020 UEFA European Championships, the Three Lions have shared behind-the-scenes footage from their training camp, including a stretching and recovery session inside none other than everyone’s favourite purple pod. We were thrilled when the squad asked us for a pod to help keep them in tip-top shape throughout the Euros, and it was great to see players such as Raheem Sterling, Phil Foden, Mason Mount and Harry Kane stretching it out (and having a laugh!) in the heat. We also sent the squad a Minipod, where individual players can stretch, relax, or enjoy one of our filmed classes via Hotpod Home.


The England Football squad aren’t the only elite athletes who have enjoyed the immersive benefits of the pod. Last year, England Rugby took a pod with them to Japan to aid in their training and recovery during the World Cup. Owen Farrell is a big fan of the pod, saying “The pod gives me a perfect space to just breathe, and the yoga combined with the warmth of the pod helps me get my body moving again. I’d definitely recommend it to any athlete.”

The Minipod has also become a favourite among professional sports teams, including the Team GB women’s football squad, who are taking a Minipod with them to the Olympics this year. 

The Minipods were originally launched in our London studios as an innovative response to the COVID-19 pandemic, but following their huge success in studios, we’re now working on an at-home version, which will launch for retail next year. Enquiries can be made here.