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How can yoga improve mental health?

How can yoga improve mental health?

First things first, it’s really important to say that if you are reading this and concerned that you or someone else is suffering from negative mental health, then please seek professional advice from your doctor.  Yoga can help different people in many different ways but we would never claim that it can be a replacement for expert help when it comes to mental health.

However, if you are wondering whether yoga can contribute in a positive way to overall mental health, help with stress and anxiety or boost your mood, then read on and find out more about what we do here at Hotpod Yoga.


Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses on both physical and mental practices – so can be more mindful than other forms of exercise.  In our classes, you’ll be guided by a teacher through a series of flows – a sequence of postures – that are done in tune with your breathing. Being aware of how your body is moving and feeling is a key part of yoga and some people find this can help bring a sense of self awareness.  

There is also some early evidence to suggest that yoga can improve brain health and aspects of brain function like cognition, attention and processing speed, but much more work needs to be done in this area to fully understand the benefits.

A yoga class stretching in a child's pose position

All Hotpod Yoga classes involve stretching, with optional hands-on assistance from teachers


Stress can manifest itself in all sorts of ways and some of that can be held as tension in the body.  Stretching the muscles out, especially in the heat of our immersive pod environment can help to relieve some of this tension. The scent, heat, sounds and lighting are all designed to make the pod a warm, calm space to be.  

If you choose one of our Nurturing Flow sessions, these classes are designed to be a little slower than some of our other classes and allow you to spend a bit longer in each posture. All classes have a short relaxation time at the end for these benefits to really soak in.


Spending some time doing something just for yourself can be enough to make you feel good. Combine that with the feel-good chemicals that are released when exercising, and you’ll be stepping out of the pod feeling energised and refreshed.


​​We’ve designed our pods, studios and classes to be as open and welcoming as possible, but it’s our teachers and students who really make Hotpod special. A smiling face can make a real difference in someone’s day, and many friendships have been built in the pod. So, whether you’re a regular or a newbie, you’ll feel part of our wonderful community of yoga fans from all walks of life.

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