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Hotpod for Key Workers

Hotpod for Key Workers

With the increased strain on the NHS and other key services around the world, we know it can be challenging for key workers to take time for themselves and look after their own mental and physical health.

We were asked by the team at the NHS to create some content to help support their staff during this especially challenging time, which we happily did. We then realised how relevant the content might be for key workers around the world, which is why we’ve decided to share it here on the blog for anyone who might need it.

The below resources have been curated especially for those who are on their feet all day, and who might not have the time for a full yoga practice or access to a yoga mat. We’ve put together a series of short flow videos, including standing and chair-based flows, as well as audio files for guided relaxation, and even written exercises to carry with you while on the go.

To view the full list of videos, click the dropdown at the top right of the video below.

For those who don’t have time to watch the videos (or just don’t have any headphones handy!) we’ve created several written exercise sheets as well.

Grounding Meditation
A short, guided meditation, to bring you back into your body and help you feel grounded again. 

Breath Focus
A simple breath exercise, which will bring you a sense of presence, drop you back into the present moment, making you feel calm. 

5 Minute Movement Sequence
An easy and accessible way to loosen up the body and ease the mind by stretching into areas that get particularly tight.

Meditation – Whole Body Scan
A full body scan from head to toe, offering you the chance to distract from the mind and come back into your physical self. 

Easy Neck Stretch
A short and simple way to alleviate any stress and tension around the neck and shoulder area. 

Relaxing Breath
A simple breathing technique, which involves focusing on the exhale in order to instantly ease the body and mind.