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Faces of HPY: lead teacher Sunita

Faces of HPY: lead teacher Sunita

After spending some time contributing to sections of Hotpod Yoga’s teacher training, we’re so happy to say Sunita enjoyed it so much she has now joined the teaching team as a lead teacher. We’ve really enjoyed getting to know Sunita better here at HQ so we challenged ourselves to spend just 60 seconds asking questions about her philosophy, life and breakfast so you can get to know her too.  Here’s what we found out…


Coffee and a pain au chocolat


To bake a cake without it sinking!!

What three traits define you?

 Compassion, positivity, & being humble.

What are you reading these days?

The Bhagavad Gita. A beautiful Indian text – it’s a like a map and guidebook on how to live life.

What’s your personal philosophy?

To live in the world and take action so the world is free from suffering. My actions are not big in the world, it’s the small things we do that make the difference. 

What was the last experience that made you a stronger person?

The Pandemic!! The last two years I have become stronger in myself knowing I can handle whatever is thrown at me, finding ways to accept what I cannot control. The key to transformation is to step into the fear, and by stepping into the fire we slowly start to transform. 

If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet? 

Mahatma Gandhi – I would love to be in his presence and absorb all his knowledge about his philosophy on non violence and so much more.

What are you working on?

Trying to not get attached to material things. Do I really need that new sofa!!

What would you say to someone thinking about doing teacher training?

I would say have some form of  regular practice i.e. physical, meditation. If fear is stopping you from doing a TT, lean into that so you can see what’s holding you back. It’s only when we step into our fear that we transform.

What’s your favourite thing about leading on a Hotpod  teacher training?

I love the team I work with, we come from different backgrounds, we have different knowledge and we collectively bring this into the training. I love see the growth in individuals, from seeing them teach for the first time to seeing their progression at the end of the 200hr. The relationships and connections you make on this journey are very special too. I am blessed to have the opportunity to teach on the training.

You can find Sunita at our next yoga teacher training starting in June 2022.