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Faces of HPY: Charlie Morgan

Faces of HPY: Charlie Morgan

Since inflating for our very first class back in 2013, Hotpod Yoga has grown to a network of over 400 teachers all over the world. While some of our original teachers have since moved on to new adventures, a few have been with us since day one. Charlie Morgan was our very first Hotpod Yoga teacher, so we sat down with her to catch up about how Hotpod has grown over the years and exciting new things on the horizon.

How did you become a lead teacher for Hotpod Yoga?

I am super proud to say that I was one of the first ever teachers for Hotpod Yoga, back in 2013, so I have been with the company since the beginning. For 5 years I taught for Hotpod as a freelance yoga instructor, but in 2018, after being involved in some way in most teaching events and trainings etc I was so thrilled to be offered a full time role at the company as Lead Teacher. 

What’s your favourite thing about working for HPY?

It’s such an exciting and vibrant working environment. The brand is continuously growing, so I am always working on new and inspiring projects, which are not only incredibly inspiring but also challenge me in a really positive way. There is very little sense of hierarchy within the business, so it’s great to be in a position where you can push forward your ideas and generally feel heard and valued. As for the team, everyone is simply wonderful! 

Charlie is Head of Yoga at Hotpod, which includes leading our Yoga Teacher Training program.

You head up the Hotpod Yoga Teacher Training courses – can you tell us a little about how this works?

Our YTT is a 200 hour vinyasa flow based training, however we incorporate many other disciplines of yoga to give our students the broadest take on yoga as a whole. The approach is non-dogmatic and accessible to all with a key focus on personal development and ensuring everyone leaves with the tools and confidence to teach a full hour class. 

What does an average day look like for you?

When I’m leading a training, it’s a pretty set schedule. I get to the studio at about 7:30am to set up before the students arrive. We always start with an 8:30am class, which is followed by breakfast. Then we have a recap session, where we check in and see how the students are faring and also quiz them a little on the previous day’s content. Then the day runs with various workshops, posture clinics, lunch (of course!) and then we wrap up with another class, meditation and head home by 5:30pm.  In between the trainings, the work life of an HPY lead teacher is much more varied. I try and spend at least a day or two at the head office in Brixton, brainstorming or creating content for new courses. The rest of the week is spent bouncing between our 6 London studios or travelling to franchisees, to check in with our teachers and monitor the teaching quality. 

If you hadn’t become a yoga teacher, what would your profession be?

An astronaut! Ha joke – hmmmm I’m not really sure! I started out as a fashion buyer and had a small fashion and accessories business in my 20s. I’ve always loved textiles and pretty much everything bright and beautiful, so probably some sort of creative role.

Do you have any exciting plans for 2020?

Yes, lots! We’ve just opened the doors to our brand new Hotpod Teaching Academy, which will home to all of our yoga teacher training courses throughout the year. I’m especially excited about our new advanced course series, designed for teachers who have already completed their 200hr training. We have courses in prenatal yoga, assists and adjustments, and a special hot yoga conversion course – plus we’re always coming up with new courses to offer!


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