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Benefits of Practicing Hot Yoga in Summer

Benefits of Practicing Hot Yoga in Summer

Hot yoga was inspired by practicing in hotter climates, so it is something that can be practiced all year round. We understand that when the sun is shining and you are building up a sweat outside of the pod, you might think hot yoga is the last thing you want to do. But really, there are a few added benefits to practicing hot yoga when it is already hot outside!


Gives you the ‘me-time’ you need to calm your mind

We know that the summer months can feel pretty busy, between meeting up with friends, enjoying the sun and trying to cram in as many summer activities before the cooler months arrive, it can be easy to forget about giving yourself a bit of self-care. 

Just one hour in the pod can help you switch off from the outside world and transport you a million miles from the everyday, giving you a summer escape a little closer to home. There is really nothing better than that post-pod feeling!


Maintains your practice 

It can be easy to fall out of your usual day-to-day routine during the summer. When practicing something you love (we’re talking about hot yoga), why make it seasonal? Don’t let the summer months hinder the progress you’ve made since you first stepped into the pod or stop you from discovering your Hotpod Feeling. Make the most of the benefits of the pod all year round! 

Just remember it is easy to let habits drop over summer, but it makes it so much harder to get back into them once summer is over.


Acclimatises your body to the warmer weather 

Practicing in the heat allows your body to adapt to the weather as it heats up outside and even get used to the hot temperatures and sweating. Giving you a teaser before you step into the pod.

Helps you warm up before a class

We all know the feeling of needing a good stretch and loosening up a bit at the start of a class to really help you immerse yourself in the experience. The hot summer temperatures can help us warm up before a class, making those ‘warm-up’ poses a little easier for you and deepening your stretch further, increasing your joint flexibility and core strength.


Prepares you for other activities

Maintaining your practice through the summer months will help you increase your endurance for other challenging sports such as running, biking and general exercise in hot climates. Further allowing you to make the most of getting out and enjoying the summer months.


That post-pod feeling!

The combination of the heat in the pod, stretching and syncing your movement to your breath creates a powerful sensation, softening the mind’s activity. Creating a feeling of ease and steadiness, long after your class is over, transporting you a million miles from the everyday. 

Thinking of giving Hotpod Yoga a try? Here’s what to expect from your first class.

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