Health at HPY

As COVID-related restrictions are coming to an end, rest assured we are still taking every effort to keep our studios safe and clean for everyone. As it stands, the information below relates to our studios based in England but there will be some variation between local studios. Studios elsewhere in the world are also opening in line with local guidance in their country. If you’ve got any questions about your local studio, please do reach out to them directly. As we go, we’ll be learning and refining our new processes, so if you have any feedback on how things are working, we’re all ears.  

What we’re doing


We’ll still be cleaning frequently using antiviral disinfectant sprays, with particular attention to high-traffic touch points such as door handles, etc. Mats and props will be wiped down with disinfectant spray after every use and further disinfected by us before the next use.


There will be extra time between classes to clean and air out the studio, and minimise crossover of customers between classes. We’ve also taken measures to increase ventilation rates in the studio such as running extraction 24/7 (where applicable) and keeping studio doors and windows open whenever possible. 


Our teachers will be offering hands-on adjustments during classes.  If for any reason you are uncomfortable with this, then that’s absolutely fine, just let your teacher know you would prefer opt out at the start of the class.

What we need from you


Please be sure to wash or sanitise your hands upon arrival. Plenty of hand sanitiser will be provided as well as hand soap and paper towels at all sinks. Please also be sure to wipe down your mats and any shared props such as blocks after class; we’ll provide disinfectant spray and wipes for you.


Yoga towels will be required in all classes. You can bring your own or at most locations you can hire one from us. Our changing rooms & showers have reopened in most areas – please check with your local studio for updates.

If you don’t feel 100% or believe you might have COVID-19, please don’t come to class. If you’re not well, we’re happy to hold your membership for you until you’re able to return – please just contact your local studio.  If you have any classes booked then please make sure to cancel on time if you can’t make it. We’ll be enforcing our cancellation window, to maximise everyone’s chances to get back in the pod.

All of our studios will be going at their own pace, so please keep an eye on our social media channels and newsletters for more details.